Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eight Color Contest Segment Twelve

All the worry about back stitching being an issue was mostly for naught!  Honestly, there was very little so finishing up only took about four hours.

Introducing PETER PUMPKIN, designed by Ursula Michael and distributed by Imaginating, Inc.  I purchased this pattern from Everything Cross Stitch.....a very wonderful site with OBVIOUSLY very wonderful patterns.

Colors used are all DMC:

307 Lemon                                
310 Black
552 Medium Violet
554 Light Violet
720 Dark Orange Spice
740 Tangerine
796 Dark Royal Blue
798 Dark Delft Blue
809 Delft Blue
904 Very Dark Parrot Green
905 Dark Parrot Green
907 Light Parrot Green
947 Burnt Orange
972 Deep Canary


054F Lemon -Lime Kreinik Glow in the Dark. 

TOTAL TIME: approx 43 hours.  For the purpose of the contest I used five of the eight colors listed.  AND, decided to make a wall hanging out of it to hang on my bedroom door that was recently installed by my awesome neighbor and building maintenance dude, Brent.  Now to post this on dA!  

Next project to finish is the baby blanket and matching booties!

Until next time.....


  1. YAY!! It looks wonderful!

    Though I have to disagree about "very little" backstitching - there is LOADS!!

    1. haha! It's an illusion! It took almost no time at all, or so it seemed....maybe it's the meds!