Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eight Color Contest Segment 11

This may be the 11th Segment to the story but it is technically the 12th Sitting for this work.  Total hours so far 39.  We are nearing the end of this project!  I still haven't decided what to do with it once it is finished, so for now it will just be a fun piece of fantastical and whimsical stitching.

The other day I took a drive out to Office Max and wandered around the store for awhile.  Usually I get very excited about being there, but was pretty worn out from work and was doing a fun little zombie walk up and down the aisles.

That is when I came upon a document stand.  I stood there processing the idea of the document stand.  Office supply or not, my first thought was to use it to set my patterns onto so I didn't have to prop it up or clamp it on to something while stitching.  What a great find!

I brought it home and was taking the label off and out fell two small baggies that had mesh covered "buttons" in them.  These are magnets.  If I wasn't excited before about the stand I certainly felt a thrill over the magnets!

It is strange that these are even made anymore.  How many people actually go old school and prop up documents or books to copy from?  Even the way people are taught to type doesn't require a book anymore.

Yet here it is and I am very pleased to have found one.  AND it has magnets!!  

I also found some laminate so I can now protect my patterns better.  If I can just get the laminate on straight instead of off kilter, that would really be awesome, ha, ha!

Until next time.....


  1. AHA! Now I see what the strange green blobs on the pumpkin were for :)

    I remember using those document stands way back when - great idea to use them for embroidery :)

  2. haha! Yes, those blobs did look out of place! There are two colors there which are the DMC 904 Very Dark Parrot Green and DMC 905 Dark Parrot Green, however, even with direct day light on them you can barely tell the difference in color. I think part of the issue is because the floss I'm using was purchased 25 years floss boxes are full of very old floss and I do know the way the floss is colored is different now. but the picture on the front of the graph looks pretty much the same as my finished work.